Cloud Migration Strategy

Cloud Migration Strategy: SPY INDEX Call it app modernization as-a-service. For many enterprises it is their “last mile” to the cloud: How to assess and measure the business impact of migrating legacy, e.g., non-virtualized, distributed applications to one or more cloud deployment options. In a previous post, Bulletproof Your Core App Migration to the Cloud: An Essential Readiness … Continued

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Smart Cloud

Smart Cloud A Familiar Tale I recently heard a familiar tale from the CIO of a Fortune company: “We don’t have a repeatable or accurate cost allocation model that can be used to reflect the true cost of compute services consumption back to our lines of business.  Quantifying a workload’s owner / size / scope … Continued

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Migration to the Cloud

Cloud Migrations There is often a great deal of friction in the process of enterprise cloud adoption. For example, business decision-makers often suffer from confusion over key questions about the true cost, risk, and the total economic impact of moving their core applications to the cloud. Assessing and selecting the right cloud migrations path, transition … Continued

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vendor negotiation

Migrating Applications to the Cloud You want to migrate legacy applications to the cloud, right? To meet the needs of your enterprise, it’s become an imperative. It might sound simple, but you’ve discovered it’s not. Let’s take a look at the keys you need to consider before you pull the trigger.   If only application … Continued

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Key Cloud Migration Decisions

cloud computing

Key Cloud Migration Decisions Most legacy applications have implicit assumptions about operating systems, hardware, geography, latency, throughput, scalability, governance, access rights, monitoring and other aspects that must be carefully addressed before deploying to the public cloud. by Alex Veytsel, Steve Lerner and Tony Greenberg as published by Microsoft TechNet  When faced with the many opportunities … Continued

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A Cynic Predicts IT and Media in 2011

A Cynic Predicts

A Cynic Predicts IT and Media in 2011 (Prove me wrong or shut the heck up.) As pondered by Tony Greenberg and Alex Veytsel 1. Everything that’s old will be new again. Last year brought us the return of 3D from the 1950s, cloud (a.k.a. the new and improved mainframe), thin client (the dumb terminals … Continued

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