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DCD As-A-Service Conference: Opening Plenary Keynote Panel

Digital enterprise transformation is real and here now. What role do colocation and cloud service providers play in enabling customer’s business innovation strategies?

DCD as-a-Service conference DCD as-a-Service conference: A special CEO keynote panel at the DCD as-a-Service conference will explore whether and how service providers can best support digital business innovation efforts by enterprise CIO customers. The as-a-Service conference and exposition, DCD as-a-Service, runs October 27-28 at the Hilton Chicago. The CEO panel immediately follows the opening keynote by Joe Weinman, author of the seminal “Cloudonomics”, based on his newest book, Digital Disciplines: Attaining Market Leadership via the Cloud, Big Data, Social, Mobile, and the Internet of Things (Wiley, 2015). “CIOs would like to concentrate on business innovation, competitive differentiation, and business strategy” says Weinman in a recent article. “and spend less time on maintenance of legacy systems and internally focused operational excellence of IT organizations. “Of course, this is easier said than done. Three quarters of CIOs say that it is a challenge to balance current operations with innovation. Worse yet, even with sufficient tie and resources, it’s not easy to turn a high-level strategy such as pursuing ‘mobile’ or a ‘digital enterprise’ into concrete initiatives.”
“A significant part of the solution quite likely lies in the major growth trend toward enterprise IT executives out-sourcing their IT infrastructure, services and platforms requirement”, says the moderator of the CEO panel, Tony Greenberg, CEO of global sourcing advisory, RampRate. “How well they do that will determine the kind of performance, agility, reliability, and cost and risk containment that CIOs require, and how they best meet their actual fast-changing business needs.”

DCD as-a-Service conference:

DCD co-founding CEO, George Rockett, says that there’s “no better time to be in the as-a-service industry as the requirement for modern data center and telecom capacity is both growing rapidly and evolving. For colo and cloud IT and facilities providers to find what works for them competitively and globally, market-by-market, the game is most definitely afoot.” Also the panel are Compass Data Centers CEO, Chris Crosby; New Continuum Data Centers CEO, Eli Scher; Goldman Sachs chief of global engineering, operations and provisioning, Grant Richard.

Join Tony Greenberg, CEO Speaking at Chicago DCD

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