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Energy as Impact – REDIVIDER

TonyG here. I know you thought you got rid of me out of the data center world or I left you for a sexier business, well you were both right. Back at you for something really unusual, a redefinition of Energy as Impact. I have been helping build this with an amazing team over the last year and would love you to dive in and take a peek at the future. If you’re like most of the enterprise tech leaders we’re working with, you’re facing increasingly stringent demands for your compute infrastructure – shorter launch timelines, precise edge locations that don’t have enough grid power or reliability, zero-carbon footprints – and all of that under an exacting and very public lens of reporting on sustainability and other forms of impact. We assembled a world class advisory board from the former head of The Nature Conservancy to former ATT, HP and Intel, read about them here (Mark Tercek, Peter Gross, Joe Weinman, Stacey Shulman, and more).

If that’s your world, I have an opportunity to solve many of those at once. Over the past 15 months, I’ve been advising Redivider, a stealth edge compute project that’s proven groundbreaking on many fronts:

— Scalable modular data centers manufactured to your specs in a fraction of typical build time – they’re targeting for 90 days from spec to launch

— Portable compute & power – put a node anywhere & power it off-grid if needed

— Flexi-deployment model from pure space & power to bare metal or managed / cloud

— Measurable sustainability – low-carbon architectures & tools to document it in real time, with an eye towards primarily powered with GREEN hydrogen

— Impact focus – reusing waste heat, sponsoring education, uplifting local communities, etc. This team make CTOs into social impact rock stars as they check a half-dozen UN SDG boxes instantly

— Imagine driving tax-free impact projects in opportunity zones helping tribal lands prosper, funding under-privileged communities with vertical farming or  utilizing excess capacity energy to fuel

They’re putting up the first 50-100 megawatts of US-based edge capacity into early access (Pioneer Program) and advisors got the first dibs on inviting their friends & family. I thought you might be interested in taking a look before that happens.

There’s not much that’s needed for the program – it’s just an LOI rather than a hard commitment, but in return you get to shape where they deploy, the precise tech specs, etc. – and then when you need an edge node in 2024, you’ll be first in line.


Here’s a one page short-form overview. Let’s have a meeting. Book a meeting with me!

A couple of blog posts are listed here showing the depth of Tom Frazier the CEO of Redivider.

— Fun one

— More intriguing one around impact:

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