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RampRate brings Real Estate Brokers an unparalleled potential to unlock the latent value in every account with information on material IT spend.

Enhance your credibility and differentiation from other Real Estate brokers.

RampRate is a top advisor for IT Infrastructure

  • Core specialties include data center, network, content delivery, support, cloud
  • Long and successful history: 11 years, 125+ customers; many verticals; global reach
  • Data-driven process: Archive of 140,000 quotes in 254 metros / 110 countries

RampRate brings value to any real estate brokers or consultants through:

  • Addition of credibility in complex IT markets with CFOs, CIOs, procurement
  • Supplier relationships to get speed and savings for your clients
  • Fully transparent, objective process to un-stick stalled decisions
  • Real answers to tough objections on competency, objectivity, existing contracts

Ready to unlock the potential of your key IT-intensive customer accounts?

  • Major Real Estate Brokers, advisors, integrators already work with RampRate
  • Multimillion-dollar deals move on complex price / performance / risk trade-offs
  • Don’t pitch square feet to a client who talks in megawatts / CPU hours and utilization – and will lose his job if he picks the wrong supplier

We work worldwide and can find the right location for your client’s global footprint.

Getting to First Deal – 3 Steps to Success

  1. Sign NDA and referral agreement
  2. Bilateral training
  3. Plug RampRate into IT / CFO client and watch opportunity grow