Russia's Data Localization Law

Russian Data Center & Cloud Market Update – Addressing Russia’s Data Sovereignty Laws ARE YOU IN COMPLIANCE WITH GLOBAL DATA SOVEREIGNTY LAWS? RUSSIA, TURKEY & OTHERS? If you’re providing services to people in Russia, store some personal data, and are not an airline, you have until September 1, 2015 to move that data to a … Continued

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Future of IT Sourcing Negotiations

IT Sourcing

IT Sourcing By Alex Veytsel – One of the panels I most regret missing at Data Center Dynamics annual London show last week, where our CEO spoke was a discussion of the future of data centers in 10-20 years. Fortunately I got to participate in the prep session for it in the speaker’s lounge, where brilliant folks … Continued

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eBay’s DSE

IT services transparency SANTA MONICA, Calif.─Nov.  16, 2010─ Because Fortune 1000 and Internet firms often spend millions of dollars on top-rated premium technology and telecommunications services only to find them failing and derailing success, RampRate announced today its Deal Acceleration and Transparency Engine (DATE), which cuts cost, time, and risk from the buying process. “This new … Continued

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Hosting Uptime Assumptions & Mistakes

Hosting Uptime

Hosting Uptime Assumptions & Mistakes One of the biggest mistakes that buyers make when outsourcing for the first time is assuming that their internal performance standards (usually tuned to “net” server uptime) are what the provider is promising, whereas most of the time what they’re getting is a “gross” site uptime that excludes pre-scheduled maintenance … Continued

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Devious Device – SLA Measurement

SLA Measurement

SLA Measurement Today’s devious device is a playbook page that’s intentionally left blank. Omitting meaningful measurement from IT service Level Agreements (SLAs) or leaving them to the discretion of the supplier can effectively nullify their effect along with service credits of 2%-5% of your monthly bill for a single violation up to 50% or more … Continued

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