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Tag: IT Outsourcing Contract

The Buyers & Sellers Honesty Dance

The Buyers & Sellers Honesty Dance 2

Buyers & Sellers: In the first part of our series, we examined the implications of IT buyers negotiating positions rather than interests. Neglecting to examine

Google as CDN

Google Wrecks the CDN Market

Google Wrecks the CDN Market Last week Google formally launched its Page Speed Service, the latest in a long line of Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Hosting Uptime

Hosting Uptime Assumptions & Mistakes

Hosting Uptime Assumptions & Mistakes One of the biggest mistakes that buyers make when outsourcing for the first time is assuming that their internal performance

SLA Measurement

Devious Device – SLA Measurement

SLA Measurement Today’s devious device is a playbook page that’s intentionally left blank. Omitting meaningful measurement from IT service Level Agreements (SLAs) or leaving them