Optimize & Re-Negotiate Contracts

Optimize & re-negotiate contracts

Optimize & Re-Negotiate Contracts – 100% job satisfaction in IT is rare – each day brings new headaches. At best you get the usual suspects: excessive demands from business that recall the old Queen song, ornery suppliers, understaffed teams, budget cuts, etc. At worst you have delayed deployments, outages, failed upgrades, and contentious internal politics. … Continued

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Scale & Buy Global IT Infrastructure

Jumping Through Hoops with Hulu Congratulations should go to News Corp., Disney, and NBC Universal for finally creating an online company so big and successful that tech industry giants may stumble over each other to acquire it. Does Hulu or its buyer get the short stick? Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Dish Network, and DirecTV appear willing … Continued

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CDN Pricing at Penny A Gig

Google as CDN

CDN Pricing Content Delivery Network (CDN) industry watchers recently reported seeing pricing of $.01 per GB of data transferred.  What does this mean? Let’s translate into plain language.  A DVD holds about 4GB (Gigabytes) of data. So you can imagine a DVD with a very long movie, all kinds of extra scenes and goodies, would be require … Continued

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Contract Renegotiation

YouTube as a millstone around Google’s profitability is a mirage. Contrary to Credit Suisse’s estimates of a $470M annual loss, Google is more likely losing a fraction of that amount, due to peering for 73% of its traffic, buying bandwidth from some of the lowest-cost Tier 1 providers, using unprecedented bulk purchasing power to secure … Continued

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The Digital Music Forum

The Digital Music Forum Thanks to Marty Lafferty and the Distributed Computing Industry Association for inviting me to speak at the Digital Music Forum East last week. I spoke on a panel discussing digital music access “from the cloud” and via peer-to-peer technology. I’ve been involved with digital music for a very long time. I began with … Continued

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