Infrastructure Optimization

An ITBM Primer Infrastructure Optimization According to ITBM leader Apptio: “Modern IT leaders use facts to collaborate on the tradeoffs needed to maximize business value. Cost-only conversations become a thing of the past.” Modern IT leaders: Manage CapEx/OpEx, Fixed/Variable, CtB/RtB, Direct/Indirect Manage cost and variance for Plan/Build and Run activities Manage IT internally with these … Continued

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Data Center supplier Playbook

Data Center Checklist Force Majeure (less secularly known as “Act of God”) clauses are standard contract language and should be included in your data center checklist. Having your data center wiped out by a meteor strike means you’re not getting service credits and there’s not much you can do about it (there are concessions that can … Continued

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Devious Device – SLA Measurement

SLA Measurement

SLA Measurement Today’s devious device is a playbook page that’s intentionally left blank. Omitting meaningful measurement from IT service Level Agreements (SLAs) or leaving them to the discretion of the supplier can effectively nullify their effect along with service credits of 2%-5% of your monthly bill for a single violation up to 50% or more … Continued

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