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RampRate is different from consultants, advisors, analysts, brokers, agents, and others:

  • Data – we’ve compiled price, capacity, and performance data through 14 years of working with 100+ customers and 1000+ suppliers. We know the questions to ask – and most of the answers — before we get started.
  • Planning accuracy – having that data and the skills to turn it into accurate trend models that adjust for location, scale, performance, etc. means that our forecasts are usually within 5%-10% of the final outcome.
  • Transparency – unlike many “black box” negotiators, especially in the telecom world, we give you weekly updates and informed choices to make at every juncture.
  • Auditability – RampRate’s process leaves a detailed audit trail of exactly how each decision was made, leaving our clients bulletproof against inquiries from their managers and boards.
  • Objectivity RampRate is neutral among all suppliers, with no quotas or volume commitments to meet. If you choose to allow a supplier to pay us a referral fee, it will be a uniform one that’s disclosed to you in detail and discounts (or refunds) your up-front project fees.
  • Multifaceted analysis — selecting a provider and a product set is about more than minimizing costs, risks, time, or complexity. It’s about balancing all of those and many more in a way that puts every exec on your team on the same page. Our scorecards do just that by mapping each exec’s priorities to every IT service quality dimension possible and producing a clear recommendation of the best option.
  • Infrastructure experts — our team comes from providers, users, and consultants. We know data centers, networks, CDN, and support services through hundreds of deals and nuances and can identify and eliminate problems before they arise.
  • Sales cost reduction – why do the top telcos globally hire us to review their pricing and internal cost?  We’re not just better negotiators with better data – we also cut your provider’s cost of serving you so they can pass on the savings. Our process replaces expensive multi-tier sales organizations with objective forms; 1-2 year sales cycles with 2-month closing; ill-fitting and unclear RFPs with perfectly pre-qualified opportunities; and a drawn-out legal process with pre-templated best practices contracts.
  • Inside knowledge of what makes providers tick – we know quotas and bonuses; what products are strategic; what they consider good business and bad business; what they like and don’t like about working with you. This allows us to negotiate based on their interests, not just their asks.
  • Lifetime support — we are part of every deal we negotiate for the lifetime of the contract – not just as a matchmaker, but as a marriage counselor. If your needs change or there’s a missed promise/dispute of any kind, we are there to support, mediate, and even find an exit path.
  • Flexible, performance-based pay — we don’t take hourly fees to prolong analysis paralysis. Instead, we take a mix of flat-rate project fees and performance-based fees tied to savings or other success measures that are fine-tuned to the way you measure project success.
  • A track record with companies you know — the cream of the crop – eBay, Microsoft, Sony, Intel, Blizzard, Riot Games, JP Morgan Chase, and dozens of others – have looked to RampRate for advice. Maybe they know something.



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