RampRate’s network and bandwidth insight has guided dozens of companies through the challenge of selecting the right network and bandwidth architecture.

Plan for growth, while maintaining proper security and cost structure. Using our SPY Index™, our advisors help companies achieve consistent uptime and reliable security by establishing resilient, multi-supplier backbones, and augmenting them with market-savvy spot purchases of commodity and premium IP transit.

shutterstock_152378273We can help you:

  • Review your network and bandwidth services structure to identify single points of failure, disparities with market rates and service levels, and future extensibility issues
  • Build balanced strategies for peering, IP transit buys, MPLS, and private networks
  • Select proper architecture platforms with a view towards operational growth and efficiency
  • Select the right IT supplier to optimize for a combination of cost, SLA, contract flexibility, geographical reach and other factors
  • Accelerate procurement and deployment timeframes from months to weeks
  • Identify opportunities for decreased spend, redundant capacity and routing, global expansion, build versus augmenting, and more

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Michael Montalto, Accenture
“I have had the pleasure of working with the crew at RampRate several times over the last several years. Each time they have saved significant time in negotiating and closing contracts for data center space and managed services, which provided at least 20% savings over what we could have done alone. The RampRate team are extremely knowledgeable in this space and always bring innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to the table.”