Reposted from 1996 Why online gaming will be the biggest casualty if ISPs prioritize packets Synopsis The debate over net neutrality1 has often focused on video as the dominant medium that made the prioritization of packets either crucial or harmful. However, video is not the offering that will suffer the most if net neutrality becomes … Continued

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A Familiar Tale I recently heard a familiar tale from the CIO of a Fortune company: “We don’t have a repeatable or accurate cost allocation model that can be used to reflect the true cost of compute services consumption back to our lines of business.  Quantifying a workload’s owner / size / scope and forecasting … Continued

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Future of IT Sourcing Negotiations

IT Sourcing

By Alex Veytsel – One of the panels I most regret missing at Data Center Dynamics annual London show last week, where our CEO spoke was a discussion of the future of data centers in 10-20 years. Fortunately I got to participate in the prep session for it in the speaker’s lounge, where brilliant folks like Ian … Continued

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Peter Gross joins company board of advisors to help address environmental and social responsibility challenges in enterprise data centers and outsourced co-location SANTA MONICA, Calif. – April 24, 2012.  RampRate, the premier sourcing advisor for selecting locations and suppliers in IT infrastructure and cloud computing, today announced that data center innovator Peter Gross has agreed … Continued

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Key Cloud Migration Decisions

cloud computing

Most legacy applications have implicit assumptions about operating systems, hardware, geography, latency, throughput, scalability, governance, access rights, monitoring and other aspects that must be carefully addressed before deploying to the public cloud. by Alex Veytsel, Steve Lerner and Tony Greenberg as published by Microsoft TechNet  When faced with the many opportunities afforded by a cloud … Continued

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