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ABIT - Asset Backed Impact Token​

Democratizing Unique Assets, Revolutionizing
Global Impact & Driving Community Engagement

We must look at new ways to shift towards sustainable giving models to affect change locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Combining the best of impact, blockchain and community allows us to control where and which resources should be allocated to important projects
Charities are not creating sustainable impact
Heavily reliant on donors, which causes donor fatigue
Money & resources are not going frontline philanthropy 
Changing the world requires more than just money; it requires a shift in mindset.
-Dan Pallotta


Democratizing Unique Assets, Revolutionizing GlobalImpact & Driving Community Engagement
Decentralized governance minimizes political influence
Dollars flow directly to the frontline charities, creating tectonic solutions
Each success earns more tokens, which expands the impact for others
Each grant creates impact, and that impact is

How Would It Work?


Each plant earns an impact certificate for removing carbon and sustainable manufacturing


Grant is used to help farmers plant industrial hemp 


DAO votes to create $100k grant


Impact credits are sold on the exchange, the $100k comes back into the DAO

The New Asset Class: $ABIT

Supported by tangible, one- of-a- kind, and captivating assets.
Increased value through technology and community. 
Leverages decentralized and stakeholder governance.
Supporting our civilization’s most pressing issues. 

Convergence of 4 high growth innovations in finance & tech 


  • Asset-Backed Tokens (ABT): $16.1T+ by 2030 (BCG)

  • Impact Investment: $3T growing to $7.8T by 2033

  • Crowd-Funding    / DeFi: $60B in meme coins alone

  • DAO Communities $40B – doubled since November

Join Us

We invite you to be part of this tribe. To share your knowledge, expertise, referrals, resources and passion to address social impact in an entirely new way.