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RampRate’s mission is to bring Speed, Clarity and Value to IT infrastructure sourcing decisions


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For over a decade, RampRate has successfully provided a proven portfolio for IT sourcing services that advise clients on global IT infrastructure sourcing decisions.

With our portfolio of IT infrastructure sourcing services, rest assured that our services will meet or exceed the expectation of your referral client. At the core of our services is our data-driven SPY Index TM. This multidimensional index looks at our proprietary research, analyst research, supplier profiles, contracts, SLA’s, cultural compatibility, and so much more…

Our services focus on our six core infrastructure areas of Cloud, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), Data Center and Colocation, Managed Services / RIM, Network and Bandwidth, and finally Telecom.

Ramp Rate has a proven record of reducing Risk, Time, and Cost:

  • RISK: <1% of deals facilitated did not make it to expiration
  • TIME: Remove weeks from legal / management approval process
  • COST: New procurement, mid-contract and renewal savings on average of 23.8%
  • BALANCE ALL 3: Get internal consensus on prioritization, supplier choice, and budgets

We are not just saying this… So are our clients…


RampRate is the premier sourcing advisor and decision hub for IT infrastructure and cloud computing. For more than a decade, RampRate has delivered proven results, finding the right outsourced IT partners for more than 125 of the world’s most important firms.

Effectively, RampRate is like GPS for IT infrastructure strategy — give us a destination, we’ll give you the optimal path to success, whether you’re a buyer, seller, influencer, or intermediary, and whether your goals are improved performance, reduced risk or lower costs.

Guiding the Buyer to Informed Decisions

RampRate enables executive IT buyers and sellers to quickly develop optimal IT services strategies both in-house and outsourced. RampRate’s cutting-edge outsourcing procurement practices enable ad to accelerate the creation of durable, cost-optimized contracts for services such as:

Proven Success

RampRate clients include more than 125 of the world’s most critical IT buyers as well as innovative startups and much in between. It has expertise in IT and telecom-intensive industries such as media & entertainment, online video gaming, publishing, tech, finance, e-commerce, and Web 2.0. Led by industry thought leaders from pioneering ventures in hosting (Exodus, Terremark), content delivery (Akamai, Speedera), and related disciplines, RampRate’s many successes have been recognized by the Black Book of outsourcing, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, and Forrester.

The Secret Sauce

RampRate’s success is founded on four key assets:

The Service Provider Intelligence Index (SPY Index TM) provides the data that optimizes the fit between an offer and a client.

The Deal Acceleration Engine provides a fast sourcing process by which sellers of IT services reduce costs and pass on savings to the client.

The RampRate Community has 125 major buyers, 450+ suppliers, and dozens of analyst firms, influencers, and integrators ensuring that the right piece to the puzzle can always be found.

The Success Fee Model ensures that our incentives are aligned with yours in building a durable, optimized relationship with the right supplier for the right price


A RampRate Ecosystem is a group of individuals and organizations coming together for the benefit of clients, giving them knowledge and information to make better IT infrastructure sourcing decisions. These relationships support the growing demand for clients to reduce risk, cost, and procurement issues, and RampRate is at the forefront of this ever-changing industry.


Our services portfolio is based on a particular engagement from the client. Our data-driven sourcing services are based on several IT infrastructure focus areas, however, we can also analyze additional areas of need Desktop Support and Infrastructure management. Our Expert Resources are the top in the industry and provide an un-match level of knowledge. Now combined with our Proprietary SPY IndexTM tool, RampRate delivers the best information to make IT Sourcing decisions.

We analyze thousands of data points and create compelling and easy to understand charts and graphics that clearly communicate the issues currently being faced or how well a client compares to competitors and industry.


RampRate has a very straight forward approach to fees received from clients and referral fees paid out to Referral Advisors. Our processes and fees are transparent to all engaged in the opportunity to ensure speed, clarity, and value.

Client Fees

PROJECT FEE: A percentage of Pre-RampRate total contract value (subject to rebate below)
CLIENT REBATE: The retainer is returned when contract sources with a RampRate Partner
SAVINGS FEE: Percentage of the total delta between the benchmark and the new rate

Advisor Fees

REFERRAL FEES: Industry-standard percentage of the contract, shared with Client

Below is a sample opportunity to better understand the opportunity flow and the referral fee payout.


Here we are at the most important part of our conversation… how do we work together and what is the process that my contacts or clients with going through as part of the RampRate sourcing services.

It can be easy as a soft email intro or a face to face meeting with you and your client. As we have mentioned we have already worked with some of the larger consumers of IT on the planet, and have all the skills required to enter into a relationship at any level, albeit we prefer the highest level possible to ensure quick decisions to move forward with both of us.

Below a quick process graphic of our sales cycle so that we can understand the different stages and well as a high level of our methodology when we engage with clients.

We are committed to our mutual success and future business together. The next step on our journey together is as follows:

  • Contact RampRate for a more detailed Referral Advisor webinar if needed.
  • Request the Referral Advisor contract, please complete as soon as possible.
  • Use our Lead Registration process to register your first lead.
  • Get Paid!

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