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A New Year, A New Era

Thank you for being a part of the RampRate community. Those of you that have been here for a while know that we won’t flood your inbox too frequently. But, for the first time in our 20 year history, we see a tectonic shift in the way that our core principles of excellence in IT sourcing, data-driven decisions, and the highest standards of ethics and social responsibility are aligning. This syzygy is reinvigorating our lives, but it reaches far beyond RampRate to the Fortune 500 enterprises and startups we are working with. The news is too good – and too important – to not share. 

As a sidebar, your privacy, as well as your interest, are important to us!  We want you to know that we will not sell, rent, trade, lease, or give your contact info to anyone.  Furthermore, if for any reason you no longer wish to receive our fabulous newsletter anymore then you may unsubscribe by simply clicking on the link at the end of any newsletter. Now let’s dive in!

A New Generation of Reformers Is Going Beyond Greenwashing

For decades, we’ve lived in the age of greed, where short-term earnings were king, and the corporation acted like a clinical psychopath. But the corporate world is facing numerous pressures to truly mend its ways:

  • Political – with proposed regulations, fines, or even break-ups
  • Customer – with more attention to reputation in buying decisions
  • Employee – with more employees looking for meaning in their work 

This pressure has finally bubbled up a new generation of responsible executives who believe that ethical practices and long-term financial success are not in conflict, and are willing to actively invest in corporate social responsibility. 

But how do you make that change effective? How do you push back against the tide of greenwashing “business as usual” and ticking a box without changing the corporate ethos? We know how – we’ve sniffed out sales paint jobs for 20 years, and are now working on a data-driven way to truly measure social impact in sourcing as well.

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A Socially Responsible Community Starts With Sourcing

As they get their own house in order, socially responsible leaders want to make sure that they use their market power to extend that revolution. They want and need to buy products and services from partners who share the same values in order to fulfill their own commitments.

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Who are We to Change the World?

A team of unstoppable forces connecting great minds and generating ideas.

Tony Greenberg, CEO, and Founding Father has spent 20 years pushing against the immovable object of myopia and corruption in how enterprise technology is bought and sold before turning his powers for the good of the blockchain and most recently social impact communities.

Pioneering alongside his partner of 15 years, Alex Veytsel, CSO, who is your guide to the matrix: modeling both known and hidden parts of complex markets and ecosystems to define the best way to fit within them — or reshape them. Perfectly complemented by Kristen Priest, Client Engagement Manager, who manages overall delivery responsibility for RampRate’s large-scale sourcing advisory and optimization projects with Fortune 500 clients and top brands.

Meet Our Clients

Our clients comprised an array of Fortune 500 clients and top brands including Sony, eBay, Nike, Intel, Hearst, and others who have come to trust and rely on RampRate due to consistent results. A long history of successfully slashing costs, to improving risk and time from complex infrastructure sourcing projects to now partnering to reform and ensure that the ethical practices and long-term financial success are not in conflict with these companies, and to assist them in taking their first steps to actively invest in corporate social responsibility. Here is a recent testimonial from one of our startup clients.