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We believe DAOs elevate the way business does business.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are one of the most promising ways to organize human endeavors. 

DAOs are now trusted with millions of transactions. DAOs handle the day-to-day governance of everything from funding pools and payouts. DAOs operate according to democratic rules. DAOs run travel sites, collectors clubs, NFT sales, and more.

DAOs are a great concept. Yet the risks are real: siphoned coins, distracted voters, centralization or other pitfalls that could end up in mid-term and long-term failure.

Executing DAOs correctly, ethically and with precision is quite difficult. If you have a foundation, donor-advised fund, crypto foundation, or are simply looking for the next wave of overcoming the inefficiencies of the modern-day corporation, we are experts in the ethical deployment and management of these new-fangled, community-spirited entities

RampRate is a trusted consulting firm hand-holding our clients through understanding and utilizing DAOs to the highest, most altruistic frameworks, guided by the disciplines of years of research, philosophy, and real-world experience. 

Our longtime work has been in the governance of procurement systems, balance of trade equations, ESG, CSR, ethical sourcing, and supply chain. This has steeped the team in the technical landscape of tomorrow, having overseen billions of dollars in IT sourcing for firms like Microsoft, CBS, Merrill Lynch, eBay/Paypal, Intel, Nike.

We are currently helping guide market entrants like DEVxDAO, Syntropy and some of the largest non-profit organizations on Earth.

We are laser-focused on Three Pillars

Governance – How to manage

We’ll help you engineer decentralized governance and voting structures to help your DAO run smoothly and efficiently and not break

Community – How to decentralize

Despite the name, DAOs are not autonomous. DAOs require dedicated people working together. We’ll help you find structures to incentivize and motivate loyal teams.

Tokenization – often the bane, not the joy of projects

We’ll help you choose a token for your DAO where it makes sense, mint it, and distribute coins to your founders and members. Understand that DAOs as a way of raising money are often flawed and may end up as roadkill, like many of the ICOs of yesteryear. Those who do this right will earn a gold star for evolving beyond Benefit Corps, B-corp certified entities and other next gen frameworks to elevate business.

DAOs continue RampRate's 20-year missions of transparency, openness, good governance, and positive worldwide impact.

At RampRate, We Are DAOists.