Information security

Information Security

Will IT departments ever have a chance to spend the money they want on initiatives they consider top priority?

Information Security, The struggle to spend versus save has often been a two-sided war (and it makes sense in a process of checks and balances).  However, CFOs have traditionally understood allocating budgetary resources for IT to spend on hardware and software programs necessary for business processes.

But the transformation of the IT industry has followed a pattern of evolution. Recently, there’s been an invasion of disruptive technologies and new advancements in the industry. This transformation, and the velocity at which it has occurred, has forced IT to reevaluate its budget and focus on new spends.

These new, more technologically advanced spends aren’t as easily justifiable to finance departments, nor are they as widely accepted and understood by companies as a whole. CIOs and IT departments are finding it difficult to show direct ROI in a cloud investment or mobility strategies for remote employees – so the war over spending continues.

Curt Hessler, an Independent Education Management Professional and member of the RampRate advisory board, explains the conflicted relationship between IT and finance (and other departments)  this way: “As the Internet became integral to the core businesses of major corporations, whether they thought they were in a digital business or not, that changed. It became obvious that having an IT infrastructure that was Internet-friendly, etc., was going to be very important to drive revenue.”

However, Hessler points out that there is a new focus of IT spending that is moving into the spotlight and bringing these often opposing sides together; they are uniting in the face of a growing threat.