Make an informed decision about your IT sourcing with help from RampRate.

By relying on an extensive database of supplier profiles and pricing information, we give you the knowledge you need to make the right decision.

RampRate helps its clients through the entire IT sourcing process, from needs analysis, to RFP/​RFQ preparation and distribution, to IT supplier selection and due diligence, and through contract negotiation and close.

After contract signing, RampRate can manage the client-​​suppliers relationship for the life of the contract, including SLA verification, quarterly benchmarking against market, and dispute resolution.

Here’s how RampRate can help you:

  • IT sourcing buying strategy evaluation
  • In-source vs. outsource decision analysis, cost modeling and benchmarking
  • Finding the right IT suppliers for each need
  • Lowering cost relative to service level by 20%-70%
  • Reducing exposure to prevalent risks by 80%-9
  • Cutting procurement time from months to weeks
  • Detailed audit-able process documentation