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“Partnering with RampRate was and continues to game-changing for Syntropy (formerly NOIA Network). Being an early-stage startup, it is challenging to penetrate the US market, especially when it comes to dealing with big multinational corporations, but within just a couple of months since partnering up with Tony and the team, we were able to expand our reach beyond what we thought was possible. RampRate’s experience and ability to navigate through telecom and cloud service industries serves as an invaluable asset to our company. We are delighted to call RampRate our strategic partner and we believe that continuing our cooperation will allow us to grow and scale even faster.”

Domantas Jaskunas, Co-Founder @ Syntropy (formerly NOIA Network)

eBay“RampRate was a risk-free proposition money-wise. If they didn’t save or create us at least twice their initial fee we’d get a full refund. And with 100’s of big-name clients, there had to be something there. But I was worried that in negotiating lower rates they might undermine my key relationships. When they came in and said they could carve out 27% savings and optimizing contracts, I thought it was impossible without undermining key relationships. But they hit that number and the relationships are stronger than ever.”

Paul Santana, Manager of Data Center Operations, eBay

“RampRate as a company and Tony Greenberg individually have made a most significant difference in the trajectory of my decade long journey as an entrepreneur, founder of Menagerie, community organizer, and mentor to many businesses. Tony’s network is of a depth that allows almost instantaneous connectivity at the highest level with significant yield across industries. Ramprate has decades long experience in structuring business deals and evolving business relationships. Tony and Ramprate have an unparalleled ability to screen business relationships and deals to help bring out long-term success at the highest ethical standards. Tony Greenberg is fun to work with even in highly contentious and stressful business environments. He has a unique ability to bring out the good and turn even the worst situations around.”

Wulf Kaal, Entrepreneur & Co-Founder Menagerie 

“As our key growth consultant, investor and activator, Tony and RampRate’s team have under-promised and over-delivered for more than 4 years. They have been our daily go-to for each step we’ve taken towards our vision. They are a force of nature: from creating refined strategies; to attracting world class investors, advisors, and consultants; to sourcing of suppliers, partners, and services; to preserving our equity and capital; each of the practices within their team has made us relevant, effective, efficient, and market savvy. Most importantly, the trust they built over decades gave us the credibility to capture opportunities we could not even access without them. They paid for themselves by accelerating our growth by years and remain a vital resource for the team.”

Kipras Kazlauskas, Co-Founder – Syntropy

“Intel ( and three other firms I have worked at)  engaged RampRate as we launched our Digital Home content strategy & alliances group. They provided valuable and highly targeted research – truly understanding our project needs, our timeline and budget. Their stewardship ensured that the project was managed in a highly professional manner, happened well before our deadline and that his research team was on hand to provide further insight and analysis when we needed it. RampRate defines professionalism and at RampRate they run a world-class team devoted to the same ideals. They remain on the vanguard — staying on top of all the major digital media trends and the industry in general.”

Ron Vaisbort, Executive at Ivalua, Intel, MemSQL, Blackberry and Good. 

eBay“I knew I was leaving a bit on the table in our outsourced contracts. But the corporate mandate is growth and innovation, and when further contract improvement seemed to be marginal, my team’s first priorities had to move elsewhere. We can count on RampRate to be precise, timely and create millions in value.”  They are no-nonsense data driven and responsive to a T. 

Dean Nelson, Vice President of Global Foundation Services, eBay

hearstcorporation“ For over a 16 years, RampRate helped my companies understand the differences between suppliers and worked with us to create the methodology, define the metrics and utilize the proper QoS tools needed to choose the supplier best suited to our needs or restructuring through tailoring solutions. RampRate knows this business better than anyone. We literally saved months of time and optimized our infrastructure spend time and time again. They are a secret weapon in my tool box for truth transparency and actionable direction. They saved us millions, created agility and new budget out of thin air. with each engagement” 

Phil Wiser, EVP & CTO at ViacomCBS

Accenture“I have had the pleasure of working with the crew at RampRate several times. Each time they have saved significant time in negotiating and closing contracts for data center space, telecom and managed services, which provided at least 20 if not 40% savings over what we could have done alone and certainly cut processes in half. Tony and team are extremely knowledgeable in this space and always bring innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to the table.”

Michael Montalto, Accenture

hearstcorporation“Keeping us focused, educating us on our options, identifying well qualified suppliers, and operating under tight deadlines were all things that RampRate and the SPY Index did exceptionally well for us. They bring uniquely rare data and a solid practice to the table. I personally learned a lot from them, and they opened my eyes to the possibilities of outsourcing on a broader scale.” We trusted them with our global budgets and used their framework and analysis to get a better handle on our business.”

– Todd Miller, CIO, SF Chronicle – Hearst Corp

blizzard“RampRate has been my most reliable global resource and is ready to perform for us at a moment’s notice. Their inside knowledge and ability to handle high-level complex negotiations helped us move fast! They made scaling easier.”

– Paul Sams, COO, Blizzard Entertainment

clearstone“Tony and his team are very well connected in the global high-tech community. He runs a great organization – RampRate – that is well thought of, especially in the media, gaming, IT and blockchain sectors. He is also a generous giver of his time and energy to a lot of worthy causes., driving impact to to become measurable, attainable and reportable”

– William Quigley, Managing Director, WAX, Clearstone Venture Partners and Idealab

Sony Corporation“I engaged Ramprate to work as sourcing advisors to Sony Music. Since engaging them they have helped me significantly reduce my cost structure through several major outsourcing deals worth deep 8 figures. RampRate’s, hard work, diligence and attention to detail are phenomenal. All in all, they made me look like a hero to my executive management. They are a secret weapon.”

Peter Borner, former head of IT Sony

“RampRate helped us cut the clutter, gain insight and distill our team’s thoughts for over 50 digital media, IT and product studies. Their access to global top-level non-Microsoft executives, their granular bottom-up approach, and their understanding of our corporate strategy differentiate their offering. RampRate is an invaluable partner for us.” 

Gary Share, Microsoft, Windows Marketing and Product

“When we first contacted RampRate, we were happy with our current provider but unsure of their ability to scale with our growth. We turned to RampRate for help in sorting out the market specifically as it relates to our needs for scalability and performance. The difficult part for us was making the final decision to split with our current provider (with whom I’ve done many years of business) or move on the deal RampRate had put together for us. Our previous provider couldn’t touch the price or level of service I was receiving with RampRate and in the end it was a no-brainer. Within 30 hours of our decision-making, we were fully installed and up and running. Not only did RampRate save us an incredible amount of time, resources, and money, but also we know we have the best possible solution for our needs now and far beyond.”

Ian Rodgers, CEO Beats Music, acquired by Apple and GM Yahoo Music

“We had already received quotes from four top-tier providers when we engaged RampRate. They brought in two other providers, had all providers re-quote, and lowered overall prices between 17-36%. They helped us achieve breakthrough innovative best-of-breed SLA coverage, and significant performance-related protections and guarantees. After the transaction closed, RampRate provided the same level of support and was just a phone call away for any follow on issues that might arise. WOW is the best I can say.”

Charles Butler, Director of Network Operations, AOL

“We needed a fast, cost-effective way to locate the best suppliers and ensure we were able to negotiate a solid deal. Given that there are so many different players in the market today, and the complexity of any major outsourcing relationship, the task was daunting,” said Michael Whelan, CIO, Primedia. “RampRate’s comprehensive, organized expert approach to assessing our needs, providing in-depth analysis on specific options and evaluating alternatives allowed us to complete this process in record time.”

Michael Whelan, CIO, Primedia, MSNBC

National Hockey League“RampRate simply got us better pricing and better SLA protections than we got for ourselves!” “RampRate did an outstanding job helping us deliver content for a breakthrough pay-per-view feature the NHL is offering hockey fans. We needed to put streaming content up on our web site and then enable our fan base to access it. RampRate provided a total outsourcing solution, including support on encryption, pricing, digital rights management, collection and customer service that, all told, supported integration with the right streaming provider and, more importantly, integration with the right e-commerce provider.”

Ryan Hughes, National Hockey League

Miramax“Miramax enlisted RampRate’s services to help us make a few emergency decisions. RampRate handled our project with the utmost professionalism and requisite confidentiality. RampRate compared and contrasted the most relevant suppliers for our needs and gave us all the information necessary to help us make our decision. They work fast, saved us over 40% and months of due diligence (which we just didn’t have). I intend on using RampRate again in the future, and would recommend their services to anyone looking to save time and money.”

Andrew Robbins, Vice President of New Media, Miramax

“RampRate was adaptable, brilliant and innovative. Their team stayed on schedule and stayed within the price. We saved millions.” 

Niles Triget, Thomson Reuters and Delphion

“RampRate helped Delphion, the leading provider of Intellectual Property information on the internet, fully understand the Managed Services Marketplace. After engaging RampRate, they quickly contacted all the appropriate service providers, dug deeply into their technical and operations capabilities, interviewed key organizational leads such as our VP of Operations to understand whether each provider could handle our large and unusual infrastructure. We engaged RampRate at a time when our CIO was looking to find reasons to justify our costing and costs.”

Nigel Davies, Sr. Vice President, Development and Operations

World Telecom Group“When we receive a RampRate RFP it is professionally prepared and provides the information required for WTG to provide a quality proposal for the client. In addition, the people at RampRate are of the highest caliber, which makes it easy to quickly communicate on time-sensitive items.”

Stacey McCormick, Director of Sales, World Telecom Group

Warner Bros. Online“I highly recommend the work that RampRate did with us when I was at the Walt Disney Internet Group. They showed us an example of always on, always available service. Their dedication, focus, and follow-up were extraordinary, as it was when I had worked with them in a different role when I was at Warner Bros. There was no hurdle or objection that they did not address quickly and completely, and they were always looking for a win-win opportunity for our two companies. The deal that RampRate got for the Walt Disney Internet Group was of the best deals in IT services I saw during my tenure at Disney. I would use RampRate again, and I often recommend them to my partners and clients.”

Robert Gonsalves, former Director of Production Operations, Warner Bros. Online

Sony Corporation“I have always considered RampRate a trusted advisor when it comes to digital entertainment services. RampRate combines a unique approach with consulting professionals who have a broad range of backgrounds to deliver results. We have used them many times for M&A research, sourcing IT globally and all around guidance to meet our business goals.” 

Geoff Campbell, former VP, Sony Corporation of America

“RampRate are out-of-the-box thinkers and are extremely professional. They present very professionally and have real and successful experience in what they do. The caliber of their teams is excellent and their overall professionalism and devotion to completing the company’s requests on time and on budget is why I would hire them again.”

Isabel Maxwell, Entrepreneur at Large

Sony Corporation“In a field filled with prognosticators who claim to know the next great thing, RampRate applies sound business judgment and analytics to assist senior management in making crucial, time-sensitive decisions.”

Jay Samit, Former EVP, Sony Corporation of America*

International Webcasting Association“RampRate is in a league of its own when it comes to matching the right solutions with the right clients. Their ability to understand what their clients need often outpaces even their clients’ understanding of their own needs. They have the knowledge of the technology and the deep connections to make things happen, which make them a real and immediate asset to those who work with them.”

Kevin Shively, Executive Director, International Webcasting Association*

“We were able to effectively leverage RampRate’s experience and contacts in sales and technology to develop important relationships with relevant industry leaders. In one particular case of strategic importance, RampRate took a two-week contract negotiation and made it into a two-and-one-half-day process, creating millions in value. In connection with another project, RampRate formulated a research plan that has significantly guided our sales and marketing efforts… RampRate brought real focus and real results, including an exec.”

“RampRate was adaptable. Your team stayed on schedule and stayed within the price dozens of times across hundreds of millions in spend. You have always saved us tremendous time and money.”

Rich Lappenbusch, Microsoft

“I’ve known Tony for in excess of 10 years. In addition to being a stand-up guy and an amazingly talented entrepreneur, he understands media, IT & Infrastructure like no one I’ve ever met. I would recommend either he or his firm unequivocally for business planning, scale or cost containment. They are  globally astute consummate analysts and deal pros extraordinaire”

Richard Titus, Entrepreneur at large EVP BBC, Managing Director, Razorfish Los Angeles*

Viacom“IFILM recently began a project to extend our content distribution capabilities. We engaged RampRate to help us make sense of the dozens of potential suppliers that were knocking on our door. They helped us understand the differences between these suppliers and worked with us to create the methodology, define the metrics and utilize the proper Quality of Service (QoS) tools needed to choose the supplier best suited to our needs. RampRate knows this business better than anyone. They were a constant resource and were there for us at a moment’s notice. Their inside knowledge, coupled with their ability to handle negotiations at the highest level, helped us build strong new partnerships. In addition, we reduced our monthly expenditure by over 75%. Using RampRate as a partner in these decisions is one the smartest moves a business-minded CTO and management team can make!”

Blair Harrison, CEO, Frequency, formerly Viacom