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Business and Operations Planning services:

Business Constituency Appeal Analysis

Synopsis: An enterprise software supplier hired RampRate to develop a tactical plan for improving its appeal to specific business constituencies within corporations. Utilizing surveys, focus groups, and secondary research, RampRate assessed the client’s competitive position and made tactical recommendations on improving the brand image and usefulness of the client’s offerings to specific segments of the target constituency.

Results: RampRate’s research translated large-scale strategic mandates into an actionable plan for improving the client’s image with the target business group in its client base.

Global Partner Support Programs

Synopsis: A global technology provider engaged RampRate to assess the support capabilities that its distribution partners were providing to global audiences. Using primary and secondary research, RampRate evaluated the range of options that were on the table and provided recommendations on influencing partner support strategies.

Results: RampRate’s insight was used to reshape the tracking and support of partner professional services offerings.

Ecosystem Research on Child- and Family-Safe Computing

Synopsis: A consumer software company engaged RampRate to research the child- and family-safe computing ecosystem and identify the most fruitful areas for joint ventures, partnerships, and/or acquisitions. RampRate analyzed more than 200 commercial and nonprofit entities, quantifying their impact on the social, political, financial, and technical aspects of the ecosystem.

Results: RampRate delivered a customizable analysis framework that the client could use to evaluate future partnerships under a variety of scenarios. The client has since engaged RampRate for two similar studies in other security-related areas.

Global Consumer Security Practices Survey

Synopsis: A security-focused Internet service provider industry organization engaged RampRate to administer and analyze a global consumer survey benchmarking current user practices and the security role that consumers envisioned for the organization’s members. With a data-collection partner organization, RampRate surveyed more than 2,100 consumers in 14 countries around the world. RampRate then analyzed the data (by the aggregate, demographic, geography, technology, etc.) to develop actionable strategies for the industry organization and member companies.

Results: RampRate’s analysis challenged many established perceptions in the industry and identified the tangible impact of security on the consumers’ supplier selection and loyalty that will contribute to raising awareness of security in the industry.

Core Cost Metrics Research for CRM

Synopsis: A major CRM software supplier engaged RampRate to identify the core metrics that its customers use to evaluate, measure, and justify the value of CRM products. This study developed preliminary rankings of cost metrics and standards in order of importance to the customer. This study also evaluated how cost-related marketing and positioning messages resonate with the current and potential customer base.

Results: RampRate provided a cost analysis framework for use by the client’s customers during the sales/evaluation process and ongoing management of CRM software.

Voice of the CRM Customer

Synopsis: A major CRM software supplier engaged RampRate to understand customer adoption, satisfaction, and preferences for its CRM products. The project surveyed over 100 current users of CRM products to gather data on core CRM usage, buying patterns, perceptions of competitors, and emerging CRM needs.

Results: The client used RampRate’s results in its current market positioning and in developing its product roadmap for the next 24 months. The results also clarified the importance of TCO in the decision buying process and identified additional areas to “add” business (expand the client’s CRM offering). If you have general exploratory questions or would like a consultation with one of our Strategic Research experts.