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Buy Smarter and Faster while Increasing
Performance and Eliminating Waste

RampRate partners with you to help you implement
your IT services strategies through the entire life cycle:

Needs analysis and planning

Identify the right IT service to fill a current business need

In-source vs. outsource

Develop a balanced comparison of cost, risk, and performance

In-sourced optimization

Build a service catalog and price model to reflect underlying cost drivers

Outsourced offer selection

Compress RFP cycles; convert diverse offers into a single apples-to-apples scorecard

Mid-contract renegotiation

Identify and repair divergences from best practices in price and service

Service reinvention

Embark on innovative models such as cloud, virtualization, PaaS, multi-supplier sourcing, etc.

Audit & validation

Document a fair and thorough decision process to enable budget approvals and audits

A lot goes into making IT decisions with precision.

Crowd-sourced expertise

RampRate aggregates an immense network of technology experts and engineering resources.

Dedicated research team

Our research analysts are focused on developments in the data center, CDN, Hardware/Software cloud, managed services, telco, and mobile technology.

Integrated funding model

You can bet on our post negotiation savings. Funding your projects to get more done with less money.

Buyer data-driven sourcing

Buyer demand requests are created from market pricing data and distributed to select suppliers who can meet the criteria.

Supplier data-driven analytic framework

RampRate delivers: (1) price/performance risk normalization models and (2) scorecard analysis.

Innovative Sourcing Approaches

Application Workload Sourcing

A new approach to sourcing, application workload sourcing features a purpose, multiple tiers of importance, performance, and resilience requirements. With this business model, the workload is optimized based on consumption, performance, behavior, and economic modeling. RampRate recommends a pragmatic architecture to run applications to support current and future needs and creates accurate future state cost, risk, and performance scores.

Cost-Of-Compute Sourcing

RampRate believes a cost-of-compute model delivers a truer economic model. An “all in” cost-of-compute dollar figure is used to reflect true costs. The figure changes based on the infrastructure services consumed in running applications and on the infrastructure costs.

Custom Sourcing

Why Use Data-Driven Decision Making for IT Outsourcing?