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Dear Santa, here is my first letter

From little Jewish Tony, many years of age

I didn’t write when the world was better

Less filled with illness, grief, and rage


But now some help could be required

So as much as my rabbi might look askance

I’ll write to Santa and to Lakshmi for Diwali

To the Spaghetti Monster if it helps


First, please let the world heal back better

Like the nightmares that changed old Scrooge’s life

Please wake us from the year that’s gone on forever

With more peace, joy, and love, a lot less strife


Instead of shiny cars, let’s get some better drivers

Instead of newer gadgets, more moments to connect

Instead of money, fewer career and social climbers

That only think of the profit that things net


The second thing I’m humbly requesting

Might be too big, but still, I have to ask

Is for the world to really start investing

In tech for everyone, not just addictive apps


Help us find a natural path to healing

Medicinal and tribal psychedelics, even cannabis

Vetted by doctors and with no concealing

Of odd supply chains, harm, or ineffectiveness

Please rid us of the quacks and fakers

As the world gets back to work in full health

Build new communities of difference-makers

Build new see ways to measure our real wealth

New internet – fast, simple, with security

New housing for everyone who works so hard

Investments that democratize opportunity

Data for our wallets to fund what’s in our hearts


Third, a bit of change in those who lead us

I’m sure at least one is already on your list –

Putin’s present from four years ago to anti-elitists

Was broken on arrival and could not be fixed


A bit more sanity in our social network feeds

Even a couple dozen reasoned thoughts would do

Cops who protect and serve those who don’t look like me

Laws that help the many and not just the few


And finally, the present that’s most exciting

In my dreams I already see it beneath my hanukkah tree

It’s probably the main reason that I’m writing

Is a newer, better, more impactful me


The me that breathes love and kindness

The one that finds joy every day at work

The person who bikes and exercises

The kind who’s calm even when faced by jerks


And for my RampRate / Syzygy  team, a brand new focus

A bit more of what bright stars like them crave

To earn something more than cash and tokens

To go beyond the millions we make or save


For them, a product and service to heal the corporate psyche

Aligning teams, suppliers, people, and the world

To help supply chains invest in impact more wisely

Stay tuned, it’s something we will soon unfurl


The world is changing – I believe it’s for the better

And while I’m hoping for help from you and all your elves

If the new postmaster misdirects this letter

That’s still all right – we’ll fix the world ourselves


Since cookies are not the healthiest treats for browsers or reindeer

And chimney visits could spread more than holiday cheer

I’m  maybe sending you botanical treasures from Kauai which I hold dear

Let’s keep it socially distant but personally close this year

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