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Build the Right Relationship and Contract with Your Providers


Build Shared Services

Build Your Shared Services

CIO Vacancy: Must Bring Own Crystal Ball Build Shared Services: If a time machine that takes you back a year is invented, the most profitable use is probably gambling – Leicester City at 5000-1, some…
Optimize & re-negotiate contracts

Optimize & Re-Negotiate Contracts

Optimize & Re-Negotiate Contracts – 100% job satisfaction in IT is rare – each day brings new headaches. At best you get the usual suspects: excessive demands from business that recall the old Queen song,…


How CIOs Can Maximize ROI

White Paper: How CIOs Can Maximize ROI

It’s not a big secret—the IT function is in the midst of a significant transformation. That means the CIO role is changing and becoming more integral to the executive leadership team and business decision-making. More…
ITBM ITFM Tools Data Sheet

RampRate vs. ITBM/ITFM Tools Data Sheet

IT business/financial management tools (Apptio, BMC ITBM, VMWare ITBM, HP IT Executive scorecard, CloudCruiser, and others) offer a snapshot of your IT portfolio’s realities. In contrast, RampRate’s HyperSourcing platform gives you a view...

HyperSource.IT! – Sample Inform Report

During the Inform stage of HyperSourcing, you get clarity on your current spend, service strategy, inventory, and performance. As an output of Inform, RampRate delivers a preliminary assessment of your IT infrastructure, identifying candidate...
Constant Contact Success Story

Constant Contact Success Story

Constant Contact, Inc., provides online marketing tools that are designed for small businesses, associations, and nonprofits primarily in the United States. The company offers email marketing products that allow customers to create, send...