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Build the Right Relationship and Contract with Your Providers


Human Operating System

Human Operating System

The 5 Disciplines – Compute & The Human Operating System circa 2020 Human Operating System – We’re making everything smarter – from our data centers to our watches. But this wonderful technology is and misused…
The Buyers & Sellers Honesty Dance

The Buyers & Sellers Honesty Dance 2

Buyers & Sellers: In the first part of our series, we examined the implications of IT buyers negotiating positions rather than interests. Neglecting to examine seller motivations and organizational structures that may give them an…
The Buyers & Sellers

The Buyers & Sellers Honesty Dance 1

The Buyers & Sellers Win-Wins Are Hard Without Knowing the Other Side’s Motivation The Buyers & Sellers: One of the first stories you learn in training to be a negotiator is the parable of the…



Provider Intelligence

The SPY Index puts experience from 14 years and billions of dollars sourced to work for your decisions. It accesses 130,000+ quotes from real deals, more than 1,000 best practices terms from 125 of top…

Strategy Suite

Don't miss your launch date, buy services you don't need, or overpay for IT services. RampRate helps you align your needs with the right providers, and then negotiate the best possible price and terms.

Supplier Products

RampRate has developed a series of products tailored specifically to the needs of IT service providers and shared services organizations worldwide. These products are based upon direct feedback from our IT supplier partners and other…

Frictionless IT Infrastructure Evolution

Whether it’s moving from colocation to cloud, terminating a non-performing supplier, or building a new global voice and data network, changes in IT infrastructure are necessary, and their pace is accelerating.