Infrastructure Sourcing

CIOs constantly wrestle with five common infrastructure sourcing problems and finding the solutions is no easy task. IT Infrastructure Sourcing. This is complex stuff. It’s difficult to find and decipher the most meaningful data and transform it into useful data. In a mission to assemble real-world transaction data, we’ve created a proprietary data repository that … Continued

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Data Center Industry

By Alex Veytsel and Tony Greenberg In the hubbub over the Google and Verizon new net neutrality plan, a couple of things stand out: 1) There is no actual deal, just a proposed compromise that no one actually likes 2) Everyone seems to be confused about the new,  private Internet While more viable than its critics … Continued

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Hosting Uptime Assumptions & Mistakes

Hosting Uptime

One of the biggest mistakes that buyers make when outsourcing for the first time is assuming that their internal performance standards (usually tuned to “net” server uptime) are what the provider is promising, whereas most of the time what they’re getting is a “gross” site uptime that excludes pre-scheduled maintenance and force majeure. We covered … Continued

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Devious Device – SLA Measurement

SLA Measurement

Today’s devious device is a playbook page that’s intentionally left blank. Omitting meaningful measurement from IT service Level Agreements (SLAs) or leaving them to the discretion of the supplier can effectively nullify their effect along with service credits of 2%-5% of your monthly bill for a single violation up to 50% or more for serious … Continued

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IT Outsourcing Risk – Consequential Damages

IT Sourcing

In fairness to sellers of IT services, large buyers are not averse to a few power plays of their own and sometimes steamroll smaller or independent providers with onerous contract clauses. One of the most costly (if rare) provisions in relationships where the balance is tipped to the buyer is consequential damages — or the … Continued

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Green Grid White Paper

In the recent Green Grid White Paper, “Impact of Virtualization on Data Center Physical Infrastructure“, there’s an interesting discussion about the impact of virtualization on data center density, capacity, and power waste. However, most of the findings apply to in-house environments where the same entity that virtualizes has to deal with right-sizing the UPS, building … Continued

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