IT Infrastructure Sourcing

What’s Wrong with IT Infrastructure Sourcing [Infographic]?

IT Infrastructure Sourcing. CIOs constantly wrestle with five common infrastructure sourcing problems and finding the solutions is no easy task.

This is complex stuff. It’s difficult to find and decipher the most meaningful data and transform it into useful data.

  • In a mission to assemble real-world transaction data, we’ve created a proprietary data repository that aggregates information from more than 500 successful transactions.
  • To apply the data to best “fit” our clients’ infrastructure requirements, we’ve created a process called “HyperSourcing.”
  • In an effort to introduce you to how these resources (and IT sourcing professionals) help clear the hurdles in IT infrastructure sourcing, we developed an infographic we believe you’ll find useful.

Top 5 Sourcing Problems

1. Failure to meet cost reduction targets
2. Sub-par supplier performance
3. Significant delays in critical initiatives
4. Inability to measure true costs
5. Contract inflexibility

CIOs Needs answers
However, the Hurdles are many.