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Executives from Tech Giants Join Syntropy to Scale Global Adoption

by Domantas Jaskunas

Shawn Hakl and Roman Pacewicz bring deep experience in B2B innovation, sales, and product management.

At Syntropy, we’re building the next-gen internet — a secure, programmable, and user-centric web that runs right on top of existing networks. With our network, encryption and optimized performance are automatically enabled for anything and everything connected to it.

We’ve already integrated our technology with blockchain networks like PolkdadotChainlink, and Elrond, plus gaming universes like Minecraft and CS:GO. But this was always just the beginning.

As we approach full launch, we’re working to make as many networks globally run on Syntropy. That’s why we’re very excited to announce that Shawn Hakl and Roman Pacewicz will be joining the Syntropy team to act as strategic advisors, helping us scale our technology to the world’s largest enterprises.


Shawn Hakl, Syntropy Advisor

Shawn Hakl is a well-established figure with deep experience in the technology and telecom industries that are central to Syntropy’s business goals. He currently serves as a partner at Microsoft, overseeing the development of Microsoft’s Azure for Operators strategy.

“Syntropy has developed a transformative technology with the potential to fundamentally change the way data moves across public networks, and few teams have the skill and imagination to think this big.” — Shawn Hakl

Prior to joining Microsoft, Hakl worked at Verizon for nearly 20 years, concluding his tenure as a Senior Vice President, Business Products. Hakl was instrumental in developing Verizon’s networking, security, IoT/MEC, and unified communications portfolio. He also helped launch new products in areas such as SD WAN, whitebox deployment, and closed loop automation.

“Syntropy is making remarkable advancements in addressing the critical challenges of security and latency, with tremendous potential to revolutionize our infrastructure and turbocharge innovation across a breadth of applications, from enterprise networking and 5G deployment to totally new use cases in IoT and edge computing.” — Shawn Hakl

Roman Pacewicz is a senior executive with broad knowledge and experience across the industry. He was formerly the Chief Product Officer at AT&T, where he was responsible for AT&T’s business product portfolios.

“Syntropy is leading the creation of an intelligent, scalable and secure internet, which enables developers to interconnect devices, applications and distributed cloud environments via standard set of web based tools.” — Roman Pacewicz

Over the years, he launched and scaled various products across mobility, IoT, Security, Edge Networking and Cloud. With his extensive industry experience and connections, he’s looking forward to driving adoption strategy and build relationships that onboard new users to Syntropy.

“The company evolves networking through the use of next generation technologies. Syntropy’s programmable internet solves the security and performance challenges that businesses face every day. The company is executing on a vision where almost everything is interconnected with a secure, programmable, performance optimized internet.” — Roman Pacewicz

Syntropy partner RampRate helped facilitate the initial connections. Founder Tony Greenberg explained how the credibility of the Syntropy team and our revolutionary approach to the democratization and tokenization of the world’s internet system did the rest of the work.

“During our 20 years of work, we’ve navigated the highly unique competing visions that these market leaders have for the future of the Internet. It takes not only groundbreaking technology, but a powerful social impact message to get them excited. And Syntropy has come up with just that — allowing future networks to be optimized for anything, whether it’s speed, reliability, while also addressing pressing security needs and overcoming traffic manipulation schemes.” — Tony Greenberg

Our close work with Shawn and Roman has already begun, generating buzz with large potential customers and partners that intimately understand how our technology can redefine how the internet and its constituent networks function on a fundamental level.

“Syntropy shouldn’t just be a private secret for savvy developers, but a big part of how programmable network as a service is deployed at hyperscale by all the big players — and Shawn and Roman are just the people to help drive that scale.” — Stacey Shulman, Vice President at Intel

The addition of Shawn and Roman to the Syntropy team is essential as we launch our product ecosystem to the verticals they know so well. We’re proud to establish a unifying technology that is attracting the attention and buy-in of industry leaders around the world.


Domas Povilauskas, Syntropy CEO

“The Syntropy vision extends far beyond any individual application, and with talent like Shawn and Roman, we’re establishing a critical mass of human capital needed to overcome the greatest challenges in internet infrastructure today.” — Domas Povilauskas, CEO at Syntropy

Want to learn more?

We’re proud and excited to be assembling a world-class team to help scale our products and network in 2021 and beyond. This additions of Shawn and Roman are a vital step in that direction.

Our technology is already available for developers, engineers, and enterprises of any scale. Simply register for access here.

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