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IT Services Suppliers Reviews – Can You Believe It?

IT Services Suppliers Reviews IT ServicesLike many, I look for reviews of products and services on the internet in order to help my buying decisions. And like many, I often find that there seem to be crazy rantings of people that populate otherwise stellar reviews for products and services of all types.

Where do these rantings come from?

The screen shot below tells a pretty clear story (click to enlarge it). IT Services Suppliers Reviews There are many companies, maybe hundreds or thousands, that are shills for suppliers that pay people to write reviews. It’s beyond my time availability to research how deep this goes – but I imagine it involves things more expensive than restaurants and books. It seems that even the tech reviews written by web sites dedicated to technology are just paid advertising. At least with products and restaurants the actual item can be touched and felt, unlike, say, a network connection or software management service. These exist only on paper until they are actually in use.

IT Services Suppliers Reviews

This is why I always hesitate to believe any free public information about the quality of anything. I’m in the business of sourcing advisory, where we encounter a similar problem for the datacenters, IP transit providers, infrastructure management providers, and content delivery networks we deal with. Where do our customers get reviews about suppliers? From friends? From accurate testing of multiple services? From internet reviews? It varies greatly. I feel that the best way to make decisions about IT spend is by using data – properly collected, scored, and matrixed. I just wish I could get the same thing for restaurants.

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